Through the Flower

Images in which Judy Chicago paints flowers to represent female sexuality.

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Painting the Vagina


The Paintings

  1. The Cunt As Temple, Tomb, Cave or Flower 1974, China paint on porcelain, 5in x 5in, whereabouts unknown.
  2. How Does It Feel to Stretch As Far As You Can? 1975, China paint on porcelain, 16in x 14in, collection of the artist.
  3. Female Rejection Drawing #3 [Peeling Back] 1974, Prismacolor on rag paper, 30in x 40in, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
  4. Did Your Mother Know You Had a Sacred Heart? 1976, China paint and pen on porcelain, 18in x 18in, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  5. Through the Flower 1973, Sprayed acrylic on canvas, 5ft x 5ft, Elizabeth A. Sackler collection, New York City.

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