The Birth Project (1981-1987)

Judy Chicago initiated this series of works in an attempt to correct the fact that in the whole history of art the act of giving birth had almost not been represented at all from the woman's point of view. It is an logical progression from her previous imagery, but is much more figurtive. In some works, she sees the birth mother as a goddess.

Giving Birth: a Woman's View

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The Paintings

  1. Birth Tear 1985, Serigraph, 30in x 40in, various collections.
  2. Earth Birth (Detail) 1985, Sprayed acrylic on fabric, quilting by Jacquelyn Moore, 5ft 3in x 11ft 4in, Through the Flower collection. WIDER VIEW
  3. And Then There Was Light (Detail) 1982, Weisman Foundation collection, Los Angeles.
  4. Birth Trinity 1983, Needlepoint on 6 mesh canvas by the Teaneck Group, 4ft 3in x 10 ft 10in, Albuquerque Museum. WIDER VIEW
  5. Birth Goddess 1985, Embroidery on wool by Candis Duncan Pomykala, 24in x 28in, Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell University.
  6. The Crowning (Detail) 1984, Needlepoint by Fran Yablonsky, 5ft 1in x 3ft 4in, Albuquerque Museum. WIDER VIEW

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